"I have a brand new (2007) Prius Hybrid. After 10,000 miles I was getting a straight 46.2 miles per gallon which I thought was great. I decided to try the Super-Up because a family member recommended it. I believed that the Prius was already supposed to be getting the maximum MPG it could, but after a single tank full of gas with Super-Up added the mileage started to increase. Now, after 2 more tanks WITHOUT any Super-Up it averages 52.4. I am going to start adding Super-Up every 3rd tank full of gas. That seems to be the magic number for me. What a savings!!!!"

Alan - Mariposa, CA

“My 2005 Mustang was already pretty fast, but I'm an enthusiast - I'm always looking for more performance.  There's plenty of products out there to add horsepower, but I just can't sacrifice the gas mileage . . After trying "Super-Up," my Mustang gets off the line faster, shifts smoother, and I'm getting 25% better mileage - I'll never filler-up again . . . I'll always Super-Up."

Chris - Georgetown, TX

"I was a non-believer in any of the mileage improvers out there. I watched too many episodes of MythBusters where they discounted every single one of them. But I was getting very poor mileage in my Lincoln SUV and a friend told me he had tried Super-Up with great success in a similar vehicle. I thought I'd give it a try. What a surprise! My mileage jumped from a paltry 11 MPG to a fantastic 22 MPG almost overnight! And, to top it all off, my SUV is running much smoother now. What a great product."

Jesse - Detroit, MI

"You have a really great product! I've tried many others but I was disgusted with the results. But, with Super-Up I saw my tank useage go from 325 miles to 450 miles with the first fill-up. Fantastic!"

Mark - Atlanta, GA

"My 04 Hemi Dodge Ram was getting me between 12 and 14 miles per gallon.  After the first tank with Super-Up, I jumped to 16; the second tank took me to 18, and now I'm at 20 -23 miles per gallon and beating every other stock Ram out there on performance - Thanks Super-Up!"

C.B. - Temple, TX

"I have a 94 Plymouth Sundance - not much to look at, but she runs.  I was having fuel delivery problems and misfiring constantly.  I was sure I'd have to replace injectors and sink a ton of money into the car that I just couldn't afford.  I tried Super-Up, and not only did my fuel problems disappear, my fuel efficiency went up too!  I went from 17 miles per gallon to 22 almost overnight.  This product is AMAZING!"

Bridget - Andice, TX


SuperUp believes that customer testimonials are an effective method of sharing the evidence of success that is possible with our product. Therefore we wish to share some of these with you now. If you wish to submit your own testimonials please send it to us via email using our CONTACT form.

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