SuperUp saves you gas!
SuperUp improves engine performance!

As shown in the examples at the right, SuperUp extends the mileage you can get from a gallon of gas by manipulating the gas molecules to get the most octane possible. In addition SuperUp cleans your engine, plugs, and fuel to improve engine performance and reduce hydrocarbons. Your gas mileage can improve by 20% or more!

 1 bottle = $3.99 plus $4.00 s&h

4 bottle set = $15.96 plus $7.50 s&h

6 bottle set = $23.94 plus $12.00 s&h

8 bottle set = $31.92 plus $15.00 s&h

12 bottle set = $47.88 plus $18.00 s&h

What is it?

SuperUp is a revolutionary new multi-chemical-based liquid product developed after years of research by some of the top name engineers in the technical sector of the Austin, Texas environmental community. Working with government labs, university scholars, and top level industry leaders, SuperUp was perfected to be used in any gasoline or diesel engine using any grade of gasoline or diesel fuel..

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